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Novel Transparency from Our Extraction Lab

At New England Extraction we pride ourselves on Novel Transparency. What is Novel Transparency? It is being completely honest about how and where your CBD biomass was grown, extracted and formulated giving you direct access to your COA from the third party ISO 17025 certified laboratory. Our CBD extraction facility can be seen online and individual tours can be arranged by request.

Expert Customer Service in CBD Extraction

New England Extraction is dedicated to the CBD industry and especially to our farmers and customers. A seasoned CBD extraction company, our team of professionals and scientists have decades of experience in both the hemp and cannabis industries as well as health and wellness lifestyles. Our staff of experts are available to help answer questions regarding biomass, extraction needs, individualized product formulations, development and private labeling. Our customers always have direct access to our team members.

Local Hemp and CBD Sourcing

New England is the oldest region of the United States of America. It is known for quality, productivity and authenticity. We now bring those attributes to the CBD marketplace as a CBD distillate and isolate distributor. While we do source organic hemp biomass from outside of New England, we take a special sense of pride in partnering with local farmers. By doing this we are able to provide region specific extracted ingredients to our local customer base giving the opportunity to make and carry products that are grown in New England, Extracted in New England and where finished products are manufactured in New England. We support our local regional farmers. Quality and authenticity. This is what New England Extraction is all about.

Due to the rapid changes in the industry, staying up-to-date is crucial for our business. As part of growing our industry expertise, and anticipating industry trends, our CBD extraction lab is committed to consistent research and development of new formulations in the hemp cannabinoid industry. In the summer of 2020, we partnered with local farmers to grow CBG dominant seeds for formulation research. We have ensured quality by controlling the choice of seed, growing site, harvesting, pest management and fertilizer application, drying, curing, extraction, distillation and isolation of CBD and minor cannabinoids in association with local family farms.